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How does it work?

Here's a quick breakdown on how to use Textwithai through SMS.

Confirm your number

1. Get access using just your phone number

You'll have to first confirm your number before you can start sending messages. You will receive a SMS code to verify your number.

Start texting with AI

2. Start sending messages and get responses

After confirming your phone number you will receive a SMS message from a number assigned to you. You can begin exchanging unlimited messages with AI using this number.

Run web searches and get answers

3. Run searches on the web and use AI to answer questions

You can run web searches if you start any text message with search for. Example: search for the current weather in NYC. This will run a web search using Textwithai and pass it along to the AI model which will use the information to answer your query.

How much does it cost?

Pay $9/month for unlimited usage.

One price paid monthly $9
  • Send unlimited messages
  • Run unlimited web searches
  • Communicate with the number assigned to you
  • No data service is required, just standard SMS
  • Cancel anytime

AI model is powered by ChatGPT

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